Legend Of Korra (Season 2) – Episode 5

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  • Piper

    Did anyone NOT see that breakup coming?

    • Guest

      Fuck Korra, all of season 2 (and near the end of Seaso 1) she’s been a pain. Shes thinks everyone is against her but the only person who is truly against her is herself. She takes everything personal and really hurts everyone who loves her. She is too immature to deserve a boyfriend, let alone be the avatar. On the same note, Mako ruined the mission, Team avatar’s only intention to returning to Republic City…so I can understand her anger. While we are on the subject of Mako..he is a terrible person. Falling in love with Asami because of her good looks and then breaking her heart and his brothers by stealing Korra from Bolin after he fell in love with her because of her personality. He doesn’t deserve her just as much and she doesn’t deserve him.

      • Josy


      • C.T.

        First off, have you ever been a teenage girl before? You think the world’s against you A LOT of the time. Everyone’s the bad guy and you get mad at the drop of a hat while struggling to understand your place in the world and how you affect it. Korra is in the same exact boat right now. She’s trying to find her place, and on top of that she’s the Avatar. That will make things worse. The Avatar has to be the bridge between the spirit world and the living world, has to master all four bending techniques, and act as a mediator between clashing parties, using the tools best suited to bring peace. Aside from that, the people that love her have kept her from becoming her own person because they feel they’ve been doing what they think is best for her.
        Being a budding adult it’s hard to prove that you make a difference, that you’re mature enough to handle adult situations without parental supervision or guidance. At 17, you think you can do everything and no one should be there to hold your hand. You’re independent. At the same time, Korra still has a lot to learn and experiences to be had. She needs to take the time to grow up some. As a native from the Southern Water tribe, Korra has the spirit of a warrior. She attacks things head-on and doesn’t prefer to take a more passive approach, like Aang. The two are vastly different people and their personalities reflect that. Those surrounding her want her to be more like Aang and what they’re doing is impossible. Filling someone’s shoes is completely different than making the person be exactly like their predecessor. You might as well make a clone. Keeping the Avatar shielded while raising her and training her will only work for so long, and even then will sow seeds of resentment.
        As for Mako, Mako is doing the absolute best he can and feels overwhelmed by the power of being so close to the Avatar. He probably feels helpless because he doesn’t know what to do or how to help. Plus girlfriends are very complex creatures. Period. That never helps. He needs time to grow up as well. Aside from Asami, Korra is Mako’s first girlfriend, as he is her first boyfriend. Not all first relationships work out well. He is not necessarily a bad person. There is a lack of development, yes, but that doesn’t make him bad. As things stand right now, a relationship might not be a good idea.
        Oh, and for the record, since it seems you can’t stand Korra or Mako, or anything else that’s been going on, make it easier on yourself and stop watching.

        • Cory Foraker

          Holy shit, you guys just created a new level of intellectual debates about Korra.

    • Anti-Hero

      i think everyone saw it coming……

  • montana

    when does the next episode come out?

    • Ganesh N

      Every Saturday :)

      • montana


      • Anti-Hero

        when do you think that episode 6 will be on the internet like according to the clock. if you dont know just say right out you dont know

  • Anti-Hero

    cant wait for the next episode, just hope its more epic than this. this was like its just an answer to up how things will end up…… i guess (sorry if u did not understand a sh!!!t about that…. it tends to happen that people dont understand me)

  • Annie Posh

    Oh My God!!!!!! Why Why Why !!! Of course I didn´t wanted to see that one coming…it was sooo obvious but I hoped that they lasted at least a little longer ;(

  • levi

    everyone worrying about their relationship but seriously did korra just die?

    • Kevins Jukeboxes

      if she did then there would be a new avatar and they would just end the season in 5 episodes so im guessing no

  • Patrick Fath

    I cant believe this show is still so terrible after the first season. i supported this shit, bought the dvd because i was sure it will get better after season 1.
    And even though some storybits and this funny rich dudes make this kind of entertaining, it still sucks as a whole. Korra and mako are terrible characters. they get anti character development lol.
    its just shit bring back aang i can rewatch that shit endlessly but korra..nope

  • wini adom

    i just love korra for me i just enjoy the drama as it unfolds

  • Jeffrey

    Zuko’s voice actor!

  • Thugnificent

    I can’t help but think that Aang wouldn’t have went down that fast.

  • james weid

    LOL! lin said flameo from last airbender!

  • of_dragonflies

    What’s forgotten a lot is that Korra was essentially secluded away for training. Lack of proper socialisation can result in a lot of the issues that you can see in Korra. She’s not inherently a bad kid, nor someone with ‘daddy issues’, she is just inexperienced with the world and hence naive when dealing with people who shroud their motives. She is immature, and that’s not necessarily her own fault, she just has absolutely zero experience dealing with some things that could very well be seen as normal by us, the audience, because her developmental conditions are so different.

    Her anger can be understood from the view point that she’s now experienced a world where people don’t tend to be shackled down, and she has been shackled to her training her whole life. She wants that freedom that she’s tasted from being part of the fire ferrets, and seeing that she has to go on training would be a big hit to that newfound sense of freedom. She sees it as unfair, and a typical emotional reaction to unfairness is anger, and a feeling of being treated as less than those around you. She feels like she isn’t allowed to make decisions for herself, she feels less than those around her because of this, and gets angry. Bam. That’s a whap from that psych course I took at uni. Lol.

    I disagree with the ‘oh she’s an emotional girl’ thing being tossed around.
    It’s more of a ‘she’s a girl who’s been training all her life to be one thing, has no real experience with people, is suddenly thrown into a vastly complex world of social and political interactions with which she is not familiar, (is feeling out of her depth, and reacts often in knee-jerk manners), and is trying to hold on to the new sense of freedom that she feels she has’ thing.

    <: It's not that hard to see how her current state of mind tacks on neatly to the last season. She doesn't want to train the way the people around her want, she wants to make her own choices. But at 17, we don't always see what's best for ourselves simply because we lack the life experience to do so.

    So. Basically, I disagree on the maturity front with you. Maturity is to do with life experience. You can't really compare Aang's character with Korra's at all, because of their completely different developmental conditions. Aang was raised and socialised in a community, Korra was isolated and almost idolified. Aang was raised to be humble, and Korra feels like she can take on the world (and it's pretty scary when you realise that the world will squish you).
    It's not a case of one being better than the other, they're just different and incomparable on all fronts. Maturity and approach to dealing with issues is a result of the application of experience moderated by personal schemas, which are a result of previous experience and upbringing.

    Blah blah blah blah it's a show everyone should just shush and enjoy the martial arts magic.