Legend Of Korra (Season 2) – Episode 3

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  • Chathura Jayamal

    Thnx AnmFFight……..

    ~~~~~~~~~~Good Luck~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Josy


    • SomeDude36


  • SomeDude36

    Much better than Avatar- The Last Airbender

    • neontsunade

      blasphemy theres not enough beifong

    • Ganesh N


    • Jacob Sharry Broderick


    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Lies, fairytales and fallacies!

  • Jeffrey

    “It was suppose to inspire you!” -says to Tenzin

  • Mustafa

    Those kids throwing snowballs at everyone XD

  • Kenny

    (Sigh) I really miss Aang. The Last Airbender was so much better.

    • dot

      yes. i agree hundred percent. i miss Aang so much :C

      • disqus_EewPxsM24D

        Dont get caught up in Nostaliga this is still good

        • Percy Jackson

          Shutup. The Legend of Korra is good, but isnt and NEVER WILL BE anywhere NEAR as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender

          • Genora

            Totally agree! I dislike how The Legend of Korra is more modern then original ‘Chinese’ culture like in Avatar the Last Air Bender. It was much more enjoyable, saying you weren’t in a typical Modern World.

          • Iroh DragonoftheWest

            Maybe the creators of Avatar should make films/series about the prevoius avatars and other characters before Aang.

          • SIKA LADD

            -,- thats basically what she just said

  • Queen

    I miss Aang too. I loved the first season of this even though the character I dislike most is Korra! DX As a fellow female who went through puberty, teenage life is super complicated then throw on the whole world on your shoulders thing and I know she has it tough… but I hate her personality. I mean she’s older than Aang but he was more mature and clear sighted when it came to certain decisions as an eight year old. And the group doesn’t have the same cohesiveness Aang and his group had. It’s lacking that feeling of bondage.

    • Barton_2012

      8 year old? Aang was 12. Well technically like 112. But anyway, Aang seemed more mature and all that because of how the Monks taught him. Korra didn’t get that same upbringing. Everyone was always praising her for being the Avatar, hence her cocky nature. I do agree with the second part you said though. The current group doesn’t seem to mesh as well.

      • RiseOfTheDragonDoctor

        Would you expect the writers to just make a water tribe girl version of Aang? Everyone is different. You know all Avatars have a different persona and the team Avatar can’t always mesh. They have differences too. Every Avatar is different and every person is different they leave in a different time for Pete’s sake.

        • Jonathan Reed

          Well different could have been likable, instead we’re stuck with a crappy protagonist and terrible comic relief. This is almost as bad as M night’s last air bender!

  • Montell F

    I can’t stand Korra but i’m going to continue watching because i love this show and i only hope with time she becomes more lovable cuz rite now i would much rather watch Tenzin and his fam then her.

    • Pocky’waii Yazmyn

      Yeah Tenzin reminds me of Aang

      • Pocky’waii Yazmyn

        But I think Korra’s okay. she just needs to listen more and learn self-restraint.

  • Harmony

    man korra is so mean i hope she changes attitudes shhessh!!

  • dez

    i miss aang too!. but i gotta admit this show is sooo much more intense!.

  • um-_-

    ugh Korra doesn’t even KNOW what she wants. She says that she never wanted to be normal; all she wanted to be was avatar, then once the wish came true she just wanted freedom and a boyfriend. And she says no one trust her, but more people trust her than they did Aang.

  • poop


  • KnucklesEnchilada

    I don’t know why everyone is criticizing Korra, when a big part of this episode is discussing Aang’s short comings as a father. Aang was also raised differently.

  • Ryan J Ashby

    I like both Aang & Korra people gotta understand Aang was a monk, yeah Korra is no Aang shes a Avatar in training & shes a girl shes no boy so yes shes gonna be emotional, naive & rebellious shes has alot to live up to, Aang brought peace to the four nations & ended the Fire Nations hostility, you gotta understand 70 years have passed peace is hard to attain & keep especially in the world of Avatar Korra has alot to deal with yes she has family & friends to kelp her & aid her & she had it a bit easier then Aang did, like not being frozen for a 100 years to find out the Fire Nations started a war.

  • Grapes

    I miss Sokka too much :’(

    • Pocky’waii Yazmyn

      so do I! :’(

    • YoLoQ

      yeah we do.. i wish they didnt make this. and seeing the main old characters ( like katara) grow old and others die is just like this show.. slowly dying.. the only thing that makes me goose bumps is when i heard zuko’s voice.

  • Kristoff Maximus

    Hey! People! Let the anime be. You miss Aang re-watch it. Besides, Korra is showing us a different face of being the avatar.

  • Rayyan Memon

    Korra is cute :)

  • Joanne Peña

    I think it’s the fact the characters aren’t fully developed that makes this installment so dang frustrating.
    Team Avatar Aang was thoroughly more entertaining, But that’s because each episOde was all about character development and self discovery. You saw them face fears, their past, their emotions, and withstand tests of friendships and loyalty. This has not happened nearly as much as it should for a Team Avatar Korra, yet.

    This show just needs to slow down and focus on basics like making the show diverse with multiple, yet relating, stories, That all come together towards the end. For example, There is such an opportunity for Mako, now her BF, to break off on a journey of his own, maybe discover who his parents are, Or come into some info that could lead him too his origins… and have him go through tests and challenges, to develop his story, instead he’s captain confused token avatar boyfriend.

    SMH…Poor Korra, it’s not your fault your writers loaded you up with teenage angst, a volatile temper, a premature love responsibility, and a stereotypically female hypersensitive personality. We’re Avatar fans, we don’t blame you.

    But these people need to step it up so this franchise can thrive. Please don’t kill the first animated female avatar beforehand. ..

    Let’s hope it gets better, especially with the bending battles, as practically no animation of the actual bending motions and stances that would made this interesting to watch have been shown.

    • Pocky’waii Yazmyn

      Yeah their going too fast with this series and the episodes don’t really leave you with any deep thought to think about after your done watching them :/

  • Jay Charnas

    I love this show so much.


    i wish korra would have a much stronger relationship with the spiritual world and become more wiser and nicer like aang was :[

  • Pocky’waii Yazmyn

    I knew he was deranged uncle!

  • A$Dollar

    what an asshole, claiming korra’s parents did that

  • A$Dollar

    i want to have sex with Korra :D

  • FBxianus

    Now I started to sense the evil motives of his uncle in the opening conversation.

  • Anna

    I don’t think you can compare Korra with Aang. They are completely different. In fact, I love that they are. It is much more realistic if different people are different. And you can’t expect her relationships being exactly like Aang’s were. That wouldn’t make sense.
    The only thing the two series have in common is that they live in the same world. This is a new generation, a new time and other personalities, Stop longing back..